Saturday, July 30, 2011

Beckyyyy !

What a latee post..
This is for Becky, my high school friend.
This is also a late B'day present for her.
She was surprised bcs i sent it to her house without telling her anything.
She thought that she won a giveaway. hahaha :p
She said she likes it :)
She likes Shaun the sheep

Red owl ring {i like it!}

Dewi Shabrina's rings

Thank you sis Dewi for ordering
actually there's some mistake with the order, but she said it's okay
and the result is still cutee.. hahaha
thx so much sis :)
 green cupcake ring

Blackforest cake ring

{ my fave: both }

Bella's order

Thank you sis Bella!
I like the results.. it's cuteeee :3

Camelia's kechain

Basketboy keychain..
Thank you sis cameleon ;)


Hello pacman! 

Neki's keychain

Neki's keychain..
She said it was 'unyu unyuu' hahaha thanks dear :)

Imama's bracelet

Thank you sis for ordering :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Random bracelet

Thank youu sis Mala for ordering 4 double chain bracelet..
I think I won't be selling this kind of bracelet anymore, bcs it takes lots of time to arrange it :(

My fave: Iphone

Shitzu's head :)

BB gemini purple :p

Melati flower

Saturday, July 2, 2011


For my cupcake teacher... ;)
Thanks for teaching mee..

Smurf couple

Thanks Anastasia :)

It's Shaun the Sheep

Hellooo.. When i made this, i thought i couldn't do it.
I never made farmer before, though i've made bitzer and shaun before.
But i love the result. Feels like i wanna wear it for myself. Haha.. but too lazy to make it for my own :P


Heyy... Congratz to you who won the giveaway ;)
Im sure u all already received the domokun ring..
I hope u like it and wear it! It will be awesome for me..
Ok, see you... :)