Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Ending couple

Order from mbak Rensa,
she wants the girl to wear 'happy' shirt, and the boy 'ending'.
So that makes it 'Happy ending'! yayy :) haha..
Thanks mba


A bracelet ordered from mbak Nur.
Thanks ya mbak.. :)
Cow- ice cream - lomo - star - canon

Juno the basketball player

Thanks Jufilin.. hehehe :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cute pillow giveaway alert!

When i opened idekuhandmade's blog,
i automatically wanna join this June giveaway!
It is sponsored by Myurbey
A cute pair of girl-faced and boy-faced pillow. 
I hope i'll win :D

Owl Owl

A pretty (or cute) owl ring.
I gave it for an owl lover.. 
Can u guess who that person is???
Haha.. I gave it to kak Puri from Idekuhandmade :)

Jessica, hope u like it!

It's for my best friend's birthday!
She said she likes toy story.. tigger, piglet, etc
So i decided just to make her piglet..
Bcs it's quite simple and I don't have much time at that time..
Im rushingg :p
Well.. She said she likes it. Thank God :)

Sela's order ;)

Thankyou Sela! 
Actually there is one more girl keychain, holding a lomo. But i forgot to take a picture of it.. Well well.. It's okay i guess? :)

an elegant purple heels :P

Frog and duck couple

a cute dolphin..

cute doraemon's face :)

Basketball couple :3

Sinta's order

Various orders from Sinta.. Hope u like it!
Thank you yaa.. :)

dr. Nuki with her onyx, novel book, and tamago.

A couple called "Nyit" and "Nda" are actually going to skate together :p

A boy with a polo shirt and jeans..

Sinta herself wearing grey dress, and she also loves tosca color.

Wendy and Tusy, hope they like it ! :)

Hamka, Canon DSLR, Katana car, and a polo shirt..

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Monday, June 6, 2011


Hi.. This is Cuteruu first giveaway..
You can attend this giveaway on Idekuhandmade
or just click here :)

Thanks alot kak Purii! :D