Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lauditta's figurine

It's Lauditta's anniversary figurine
It's for her boyfriend. He likes to play football, and she likes to play basketball.
Matching couple isnt it? ;)

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Sarah's karate girl with cute pig

Ratih's doctor keychain

Chrestella with ice cream :D

Ima's keychain

For ima & husband
Ceritanya ini ibu hamil gitu dehh...

Tita's keychain

Thank you Titaa..

Niken's keychain

Thx so much sis Niken..
Sukur deh kalo suka yaa :)
Girl with salmon sushi, cat, heels, cup of choco

boy with japan flag, drum, song note, salmon sushi 
Comment from you ~ :)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Angry Birds bracelet

For me, and my bestie Tella who will be having her b'day this Oct ;)

Angry birds close up

Boy necklace

Della Kussler's order. Thank youu

Doctors keychain

dr. Satria, basketball, heartbeat, fcb, etc

dr. Icha, Hermes, angry bird, wedges, etc


Ladybug, buttons, HBD, clover, pumpkin

Adami's keychain :)

Thank youu :)

Ulfa n friends' bracelet

Peace sign! :)

Nakaprilla's keychain

She and her boyfriend

Garuda Airlines stewardess

Girls keychain :)

Soraya's keychain :D Thank youuu

Farah and Saleena



Saturday, July 30, 2011

Beckyyyy !

What a latee post..
This is for Becky, my high school friend.
This is also a late B'day present for her.
She was surprised bcs i sent it to her house without telling her anything.
She thought that she won a giveaway. hahaha :p
She said she likes it :)
She likes Shaun the sheep

Red owl ring {i like it!}

Dewi Shabrina's rings

Thank you sis Dewi for ordering
actually there's some mistake with the order, but she said it's okay
and the result is still cutee.. hahaha
thx so much sis :)
 green cupcake ring

Blackforest cake ring

{ my fave: both }